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THE WAY THINGS OUGHT TO BE its core, value is not divided, but rather is whole; it is a blend of economic, social, and financial components which, when taken together, give us the total returns we seek in our investing, in our philanthropy and in our lives.

GOOD : Jed Emerson and Antony Bugg-Levine



The Impact Token Project

The brightest minds in investing, philanthropy, business and the not-for-profit/NGO world have worked to develop frameworks for investing in, incentivizing, measuring, evaluating and benchmarking the creation of Social Good. Foundations, think tanks, corporations and universities have developed complex and thorough data tracking methodologies. The largest investment managers in the world have allocated more than $8 trillion of financial capital toward advancing for-profit Impact-focused business models. Individuals and institutions in the United States alone have dedicated foundation assets of nearly $1 trillion to creating sustainable Social Impact. Yet even with this staggering collection of expertise and resources, the “Holy Grail” of Philanthropy and Impact Investing has eluded the ecosystem for decades. The dream? Simply put – Capturing and (even more profoundly longed for) Monetizing the Creation of Social Good - in a way that aligns incentives and can be easily understood.

Blockchain technology, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies are being researched and theorized as solutions for addressing issues of provenance and transparency and as a means of providing donations to global NGOs in decentralized currencies, and though these applications will eventually provide remarkable utility to the industry as a whole, they have yet to capture the imagination of the broader community.

The Impact Token Project and its associated token/cryptocurrency, ITKN, represent that “Holy Grail” for an industry in excess of $10 trillion globally. The Impact Token Project represents the nexus of economic theory, blockchain technology/philosophy and the remarkable research and efforts of Social Good Ecosystem participants. This white paper describes how The Impact Token Project and ITKN will bring together the entire system to finally deliver on a grand ideal long envisaged but never thought achievable.

Token Sale Structure

Mining Good




Mark Hubbard


A well-known mentor and investor, Hubbard brings decades of management and capital markets experience to his role as CEO of the Impact Token Project. During more than twenty years serving at the highest levels of some of the world’s largest investment management companies, Hubbard directed billions of dollars of capital and launched one of China’s most successful asset management joint ventures. Known as an adept strategist and operator, he also founded a global private equity firm and has been a leader on the vanguard of Impact Investing, Social Entrepreneurship, and sustainable Nonprofit management.


Alfredo Narez


As an executive and innovator, Narez has introduced numerous technologies into consumer and enterprise markets including cloud computing, mobile marketing, digital security and fintech. From his early days in Compton, CA to earning degrees from Stanford, USC and MIT, Narez has displayed a rare mix of intellect and tenacity. His proudest accomplishment is the Cristo Rey Network, a unique college prep model designed for urban youth. Its approach of combining rigorous academics with real world work experience has fueled amazing growth and support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.



Philanthropy and Social Impact

Jed Emerson

Founder at Blended Value Group

Senior Research Fellow at University of Heidelberg, Center on Social Investing

Globally Renowned Pioneer in Impact Investing, Speaker, Author, and Thought Leader

Bibiana Ferraiuoli

Executive Director at Ricky Martin Foundation

Jonathan D. Golden

Founder and CEO at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company

Global Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author

Cherie Ong

CoFounder and CEO at Good Places, Member of the International Ethical Property Group

Former Director at The Creations Group, Global Real Estate Investment Fund based in Hong Kong

Ellen Hunter

Founder and CEO at Impactive

Formerly at McKinsey Social Initiative and Boston Consulting Group

MBA, The Wharton School

BA, Brown University

Dave Clauson

President at Coffeeseed Capital

Founder and Partner at Big Blue Sky

Tom Bird

Independent Venture Capital and Private Equity Investor

Impact Investor

Kevin Doyle Jones

Founder at SOCAP

Founder and Partner at Good Capital

Founder at Neighborhood Economics

Founder at Impact Hub

Peter McCrea

President at Cavendish Impact Foundation

Trustee at Lemmon Foundation

Former Board Member at Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust

Bessi Graham

CoFounder and CEO at The Difference Incubator

CoFounder at Benefit Capital and the Impact Investment Centre

Global Impact Investor, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author

Juan Manuel Barrientos

Creator and Founder at ElCielo

Colombian Chef, Entrepreneur, and Peace Leader

Lee Fox

President at Fox Family Foundation

Founder and CEO at PeerSpring

Brittni Adams

Founder and CEO at Whitby Handbags

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Steve Beauregaurd

Partner and Chief Revenue Officer at Bloq

Founder and Former CEO at GoCoin

Globally sought after blockchain expert featured at Harvard, UCLA, Pepperdine, Oxford, USC, Chapman, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Forbes, Coindesk, Wall Street Journal, and many others

Austin Mills, Esq.

Chair of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Group at Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP

BA, Yale University

JD, George Mason University

Nicholas F. Longano

Partner, Hourglass Interactive

Jay Stevens

CoFounder and Product Architect at Finexus Capital Group

Cryptocurrency Market Intelligence and Automated Trading Platform

Demetrio Cuzzocrea

Partner, Hourglass Interactive

Ecosystem Engagement

Benjamin Fulton

President and CEO at Elkhorn Investments

Former Managing Director and EVP at Invesco

Chicago, IL

Brendan Doherty

CoFounder at Forbes Impact

CoFounder and Principal at Big & Chewy

Joey Womack

Founder and CEO at Amplify 4 Good

Founder at Goodie Nation

Neha Bahl

CoFounder at Commence Mint

Toronto, Canada

Bengaluru, India

Rebecca Turk

Founder and CEO at BrandME+

Former Director at Usher's New Look Foundation

Former Senior Manager at Spanx

Derek Fridman

Global Head of Experience Design at Huge

Kate Atwood

Executive Director at ChooseATL

Founder at Kate's Club

Former Executive Director at Arby's Foundation

Javier Willis

President at Once 11 Entertainment

Voting Member of the Recording Academy and MusiCares

Former Director of A&R at BMG

Laurie Lane-Zucker

Founder and CEO at Impact Entrepreneur, LLC

Founder and CEO at Center for Social and Environmental Innovation

Data Science and AI

Jennifer Priestley, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Graduate College at Kennesaw State University

Director, KSU Analytics and Data Science Institute

BS, Georgia Institute of Technology

MBA, Pennsylvania State University

PhD, Georgia State University

Alex Vayner

Data Science and Analytics Practice Leader at Capgemini

BS, University of Florida

MS, Georgia Institute of Technology

Teena Piccione

Senior Vice President

Enterprise Technology & Data Science Executive

BA, Georgia State University

MA, George Washington University

Jim Schwoebel

CEO at NeuroLex Labs

CoFounder and Partner, CyberLaunch VC

CoFounder and Partner, NeuroLaunch